Wastewater & Effluent Treatment

Waterman offers standardized and bespoke products for the cost-effective, on-site treatment of sewage, wastewater and grease management for domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

Waterman provides turnkey solutions for

Sewage Treatment

Compact Options - Small packaged sewage treatment plants for domestic and commercial properties

Modular Plants - with separate primary settlement, biological treatment and final settlement modules used to construct much larger treatment. Installed below ground for low visual impact.


Waste Water & Industrial Effluent


Commercial Kitchen Grease Management

In a commercial kitchen environment where cooking oils and fats used in large quantities, it is often difficult to imagine the high volume of grease that finds its way into the drainage system. Waterman offers bespoke solutions to your various needs

Waterman offers extensive experience of on-site servicing, refurbishment and upgrade of existing sewage and wastewater treatment plants for the commercial and water utility companies